Introducing our New Membership Model! 

Each year, we strive to prepare a prudent budget with added value to your membership. We also focus on reinvesting in our facility and programs. We have adapted our memberships to better fit the needs of our community and our desire to give back! This new membership model allows you to customize your membership to meet the needs of your family! 

Step One: Choose your base Membership

ADULT: Individual age 19 and Older  $41.00 / Month
SENIOR: Individual age 65 and Older $38.00 / Month
YOUTH: Individual 4-18 years of age  $20 / Month

Step Two: Choose your optional add-ons

Please note that all add-ons must reside in the same household as the base member!
ADD ADULT: Individuals age 19 and Older  $20 / Person
ADD SENIOR: Individual age 65 and older 

$15 / Month

ADD YOUTH: Unlimited Youth up to 18 years of age

This add-on includes unlimited youth for the one monthly fee of $15.00
$15 / Month

Step Three: Welcome to your YMCA, Where your membership means more. Enjoy all the benefits we have to offer!




Find the Membership That’s Best For You

Your membership gives you access to all YMCA branch locations!

Which option best describes the type of membership you need?

Base Adult + Add-On Adult

Two adults in same household

Individuals 19+

Base Adult

Individuals 19 - 64 years of age 

Base Youth

Individuals 4 - 18 years of age 

Base Adult + Add-On Youth

1 adult 19 - 64 and Unlimited Dependents 18 years and younger. 

Base Adult + Add-on Adult + Add-on Youth

2 Adults + Dependents under age 19

Base Senior

Adults (65+)

Base Senior + Add on Senior + Add on Youth

2 Adults age 65+ with Dependents under age 19

Base Senior + Add on Adult

1 Individual age 65+ and 1 individual age 19 - 64.

Base Senior + Add on Senior

Two individuals age 65+

Base Senior + Add on Adult + Add on Youth

1 individual age 65+, 1 individual age 19-64, and unlimited youth under 18 years of age. 

Base Senior + Add on Youth

1 individual age 65+ and unlimited dependents 18 years of age and younger.