Open Swim & Lap Swim

During scheduled Open Swim times, the pool is available for members who wish to participate in non-lap swim activities, as well as to relax and enjoy our pool. It is a great time to workout independently or have family time to play together in the pool. Children under 9 must be accompanied into the water by an adult.

Lap Swim times are scheduled during the early mornings, lunchtime, mid-day and evenings.
Lanes are provided for the duration of lap swim time.

Youth under the age of 12 must show proficiency in swimming ability to use the pool without an adult, parent or guardian present in the water.


  • The swim test may be taken repeatedly until passed. An individual may only take the swim test once a day.
  • Y staff reserve the right to re-test any child at anytime when they feel it is necessary.
  • If determined a youth non-swimmer by the swim test results the youth must have a responsible adult with them in the water at all times within arm’s reach (one adult per 2 children).
  • Upon checking in at the Member Services Desk, members & guests with a pass rating will be issued a bracelet allowing them to swim without an adult guardian present in the water with them. Youth under the age of 9 must have an adult guardian with them at all times while using the facility.

View a more detailed version of our current Swim Test Policy.